Assault or Obstruct Police Officer

If you have been charged with an offence concerning assault or obstruction police officer, you might be wondering what has been alleged. In Queensland it is unlawful for a person to obstruct or assault a police officer. Section 790(1) of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000, provides two similar charges, but for the words “assault” and “obstruct”.

The term “assault” draws its definition from section 245 of the Criminal Code Act 1899, which is examined in an article drafted by one of our criminal lawyers. A very quick example may include punching or kicking a police officer, whilst the police officer is performing their duties. If you are charged with obstructing a police officer, the charge is less serious.The term “obstruct” unlike assault, draws its definition provided, which includes hinder, resist, and attempt to obstruct. An example of this may be where a police officer provides a direction or requirement, and the person under arrest refuses.

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