Assault Charges Brisbane

Dealing with assault charges in Brisbane? What you do next can make a significant difference to the outcome of your matter. There are usually two considerations when assessing this charge. The first consideration is the nature of the assault and the force which was applied by the person charged to the other person. The second consideration is whether the assault was lawful as it may be justified or excused by law. These two considerations will assist your criminal lawyer in determining whether the charge is valid and if any defence applies to your case.

An offence of this kind, no matter how seemingly minor, can be incredibly stressful on a person’s well being. Our goal at Aegis Criminal Law is to achieve the best possible outcome in the circumstances. A less serious charge such as common assault may look at pursuing alternative resolution outside of the Magistrates Court or seeking an outcome that involves no conviction being recorded. We understand that each matter is unique and we are prepared to tailor advice to your charge.

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